Temple University Housing & Residential Life

My work at Housing & Residential Life gave me the opportunity to work with layout and text both internally and externally for banner, brochure, and flyer print work and guides used by staff in the department. Our work focused on bringing clarity to students on how to properly manage their housing at Temple University. The goal was to create comfortable visuals for the students to refer to keep track of important dates and information regarding their housing and meal plans. The design problem we were constantly faced with was creating imagery that supported Temple's brand book and keep a visually appealing resource with layout hierarchy. The job called for print and digital projects that dabbled in occasional logo rebranding and social media promotions. The environment called for a collaboration with the media team and department to conclude final products.

  Corporate / Print / Branding

Credit where it's due.
Art Direction // Sean P. Killion

Our department is responsible for creating accessible guides to the housing selection process so that no confusion ensues.

Promotional Work
Often times our department is commissioned to create promotional flyers and social media posts for events.

Customer Service Support Logo & Brand
During the pandemic crisis, quarantine has forced a new lifestyle impacting students and staff. In order to continue access to resources that have become more difficult to get, Customer Service Support was created to integrate Zoom calls and questions for Housing. The student was allowed to video call staff to receive support.

Printable brochures are often requested so that students can have a physical visual guide of their resource for Temple housing.

Large scale printable banners are requested for Temple Housing events. They are printed through third party services on fabric and pitched on stands.