A Sun's Gift

A Sun's Gift is a passion project that I based off of the old tale story of Icarus. The book is a children's illustration book of Icarus but remade to fit a different moral. The story is based off of a group of songs by BTS to further characterize the story in a newer direction. The songs Sea, Shadow, Lost, and Whalien 52 inspired the final outcome of the story. The story follows a lonely man who lives under the sea in his journey of a purpose. I wanted to emphasize a common theme that BTS tend to focus on in their music. Their music tell a tale of hardship in aiming too high and failing in their process of success in becoming a singer/artist. The book encompasses the idea that without failure, you cannot possibly succeed. Even when you fail, you come out learning a principal lesson from the journey of hardship.

  Illustration / Publication

Credit where it's due.
Art Direction // Abby Guido